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Trade zone rules

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To avoid problems with merchants, namely with amateurs, to take places, for example, exhibiting the purchase or sale of an item for 1 Adena. We made some adjustments to the rules in order to have a clear answer to all the complaints.


Below are a few points that are designed to answer all questions:

  1. If a player just sat down to sell or buy a book (or any other unequal item) for 1 Adena (or any other unequal amount) - there will be a trader kick (after intermediate point 3).
  2. If the store has goods at the normal price along with a book (or other disparate item for the disparate amount of Aden), the merchant sits until he sells the valuable items.
  3. A trader with an item remaining after the sale for 1 Adena (or other disproportionate amount) can stay in place for some time, during which he can manage to “drop” the items into the store. If the player ignores the replenishment of the store, paragraph 1 applies.
  4. You can manage to fill the trader with goods (for example, put a nipple into it, or other items) if they run out and sit on any time until you run out of items for purchase / sale.
  5. If you have nothing more to buy or sell, free up space (otherwise paragraph 3 will apply, which will entail paragraph 1).

These rules are valid from the moment of their publication on the forum.


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