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Rules of the forum

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Rules of the forum


  • The rules are placed to control the behaviour of players, moderators and administrators within the forum.
  • The simple fact of creating a new user in the forum implies that you agree with the rules.
  • The Staff of PlayerVibe reserves the right of admission and permanence of all its users within the community.


The Rules

The Staff of PlayerVibe have the right to change the rules ay any time without warning. Not knowing this regulation may not be invoked as justification under any circumstances. Users are required to read, accept and comply with all standards set forth below:


Accounts are personal, the data entered by the user in our panel of accounts will be too. That personal information will be the only reasonable way to justify the ownership of the accounts. The use of false information may compromise that justification, to the point of taking away the right to reclaim. If any user lends his account to another person the owner will be the user at all times. If someone steals that account for this reason the staff will not be forced to intervene.

Causers of penalties and / or warnings:

Any of the following acts listed below could cause penalties, whether suspensions and permanent bans on the board:

  • Insult or attack of any kind to any member of the Staff.
  • Comments or insults that offend morality, religion, race, etc.
  • Posting personal information about another user, lacking prior authorization of that user.
  • Create post in wrong sections and breaking the forum structure (to avoid this we advice you read with attention the  rules of each section).
  • Invalidate any post in an abusive manner.
  • Create more than one post on the same subject (use the search engine to avoid this that "doesn't bite").
  • Generate two consecutive responses to a post, instead of editing the first.
  • Create a thread referencing the server status. (OFF / ON)
  • Advertise another servers or games.
  • Posting "pornographic" images.
  • Create posts of personal problems (use the support via ticket for this cases).
  • Make abuse of offensive language against any user.
  • Create post with titles in uppercase.

Forum sections:

To keep the forum in order we have realized a brief introduction en each of the sections explaining the terms of use and clarifying the rules. Users that don't follow these terms many times, will be punished with permanent BAN and their post eliminated.

General behavior:

We agree that the main objective of this forum as many others... is to make all our users can freely express feeling comfortable with it. But remember! Always following the rules. Use a accessible language without insults nor vulgarities having for above of all RESPECT. Not only to those who work day by day in this project but also to the rest of the users since without them Newline don't exist. We count with your collaboration.

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