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Rules of the Game

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Rules of the Game



Rules are in place to regulate the behavior of players and moderators within PlayerVibe servers.

  • The fact of creating a new user within our servers imply acceptance of the rules.
  • The PlayerVibe Staff reserves the right of admission and permanence of its users within the community.


The Rules

The Staff of PlayerVibe have the right to change the rules at any time without notice. Not knowing this regulation may not be invoked as justification under any circumstances. Users are required to read, accept and agree with all standards set in the next paragraphs:



Accounts are personal, the data entered by the user in our panel of accounts will be too. That personal data is the only reasonable way to justify the ownership of their own. The use of false information may compromise in a way that justification, to the point of taking away their right to claim. If you lend your account to another person, the perpetrator shall remain you at all times. If someone steals your account for this reason, the Staff will not be forced to intervene.


Creating Characters:

It Is forbidden to create characters using similar names to members of our staff. As well as use names containing the initials of "GM, ADM" or similar, to provide the confusion of users. Violation of this rule will be the cause of the automatic deletion of the character, without notice.


Behavior inside servers:

The following are examples of behaviors that will end up the disciplinary action:

  • Racism in any way possible.
  • Advertising another servers or games (SPAM).
  • Replace the identity of another person, business or entity for bad purposes (including Assaraeus).
  • Global channels abuse: be it send large messages or constantly sending them.
  • The use of external programs (like bots, exploits, etc.) that may influence by any manner the gameplay of Assaraeus.
  • Noticing a "bug" and don't reporting it with the only purpose of getting advantage.
  • Creating fake accounts for a reward / bonus in game.

Penalties for violating this rules are applied according to the criteria of the authority responsible. Depending on the severity of the case and record of the sanctioned.


Behavior when playing matches:

  • The following are examples of behaviors that will end up the disciplinary action:
  • Leaving the character AFK and/or leaving while the game is still in progress.
  • Helping the enemy team on purpose since dying at will or revealing the positions/strategy of its allies.
  • Insulting ally members for casual gameplay errors. All can have bad games but you will never solve anything by insulting. Help your ally uplifting his mood and will see how things get better.

Penalties for violating these rules will be reflected in each player's karma. Our moderators will penalize more hardly people who repeatedly do those actions mentioned above. These users can be excluded from the community if they don't change their mindset when the time comes.


Updates and modifications:

In order to improve our general game system the user agrees that PlayerVibe Games can change, modify, update, suspend, disable or restrict the access of the user to any of the functions or parts of the properties, could being necessary that the user downloads and installs software actualizations at any moment without warning and without PlayerVibe Games take on any responsability regarding the user. User also understand that mentioned changes or actualizations of the properties could modificate the system specifications necessary to play the game and in that case will be the user and not PlayerVibe who will have the responsability of acquiring any additional software/hardware in order to access and play the game.

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